GETIHU 2.4A Quick Charger 3.0 Magnetic Cable

With an ability to charge your phone very quickly, this magnetic charging cable can also, transfer your data very quickly. It comes in a generous length of 3.3 feet (1Meter) and is compatible with most of the phones and tablets. Moreover, it is very functional and does not require any eyesight assistant. This is easy to use and is ideal for drivers, children, and visually impaired people.

Moreover, it will protect the device socket from wear and tear, and both the side of the cable supports charging. Furthermore, it has fast data sync, and you will only have to flip one side to fit your need. This is also a versatile product and will last longer. The tip is composed of magnet material and will give good protection from any kind of metal debris.

  • Requires no-eyesight assistant.
  • Quick data transfer and synchronization.
  • Fast charging possible.
  • Some Phone cases not support for this Charging heads

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